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You made the ATM swallow my card!

Thank You God! :)

I forgot to take my debit card after an ATM transaction. I did not realize until I searched for it to make a payment at store.Since the ATM was right below my workplace I asked a colleague to check on it but to no avail.  I was hoping that the person who went to withdraw money after me would have deposited my card at the reception. It was only later that I released that the ATM must have sucked in the card instead. I blocked the card immediately and came to know that mine was the last transaction on the card. Phew!

Forgetful me!
Anyway ...I found this song posted by my friend Jesse on facebook. The song is played in the BNP Paribas advert. Although I always liked the music when I saw this Ad I never really took the pain to find out which song it was.

So here it is..