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For the ones who care...

I have been writing here for long now. There was a time I had more blog friends than real life ones. It was so much fun to write and interact with fellow bloggers. As time passed by the interactions reduced, comments became rare, blog hit counters showed no change and ultimately blogging became boring. I would think 'who cares what I really write about'.

Today I bumped into a long lost school friend who told me 'I like your poems. I read your blog'.  And here I was assuming that since there are no comments nobody reads my posts. Probably people just read and leave it there. Sometimes, they are just like me- too lazy to drop a line or maybe have no thoughts to share.

My friend who told me this today is an inspiration for today's post. Not because she complimented me on my writing but because of another reason that I have been thinking about for the past few weeks.

It was my birthday on April 7th. Few of my friends who call up every year since they have known me did…

Quarter of a Century...