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About the Globe Trekking and Writing dream

Didn't we all, as kids were so ambitious as wanting to become pilots, scientists, artists, doctors etc?! Think of your ambitions and that makes you laugh at some of them if not all!

Well, the other day while I was travelling to work on a local train. I love that part because of a lot of reasons, one of them being - getting to observe people around me. I saw this lady sitting opposite to me with a 'Lonely Planet Magazine' bag. That sparked my interest in knowing how did she get a chance to work there, the qualification required and what work did they actually do there. I did not venture to ask because not everybody takes such questions asked by strangers on a train in a good spirit. Never mind, the point is the 'magazine' and on top of that the 'lonely planet' on the bag really caught my fancy. For some reason today , after weeks of that incident I am reminded by how I once watched the show Lonely Planet(now Globe Trekker) with such great interest and alway…