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Do you love your job?

It's been a little over 3 years since I started working. There have been times I have enjoyed my work and most other times sitting at my desk covered by walls of corporate concrete I wondered this really what I want to do? I won't go into listing all of the alternative careers that I had on my mind since I was a kid(I think I've done that many times before!)

I've asked myself...'are you living someone else's dream?' For this, my answer is 'yes' and my mind is quick in recollecting the people who inspired me to take up this career. But when I think about it I  realize that while these people were only partly responsible it was purely my choice that brought me where I am today. So if I do not like my work I should stop the blame game and spare these people. But I also believed right from the beginning that God wanted me to have this job and I am grateful for it. Everyday as I hear of people struggling to get jobs it only makes me humble and grateful to Him that I have one. And then after all ''all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.(Romans 8:28)". Wherever God keeps us, He does so for a reason. We might not understand at times but then His ways are beyond ours and so are His thoughts(Isaiah 55:7).
So for now I am hanging on to what God called me to do until He signals me to move out and move on to a different path. And also praying that He help me enjoy my work!

And to those reading this post, I would really like to know...'Do you love your job?' and if so do let me know why! I might use some of your reasons/suggestions :)

Do you love to code? Do you like to click? Or cook? Or paint? Or teach?
Would love to hear!


Blast from the past.


biggest tragedy....I chose the job that is boring mi to death right now...*le meowwww
PJ said… the same boat!