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<< Rewinding the mixed tape

Yesterday, as I was going through some old belongings, I stumbled upon the 'U2 - 18 singles' CD that I had. This is definitely by far one of the best music cds I have owned.
I remembered buying cassettes of albums/movies I loved. And I would listen to them over and over again.The ones born in the 90's, we all remember using a pencil to fix the cassette tape or rewinding it, don't we? :) Oh those childhood memories! On one occasion, my father even used one of the tapes as an alarm and played my favorite song to wake me up. The music that we listened to in the 90's was also so much better than it is now. I personally think songs by artists from the 80s and 90s- Bon Jovi, U2, MJ, Bryan Adams etc and the older artists are no comparison to the ones by the recent ones. Can you think of a song  made in today's date that would be popular even 20 years later just like 'Summer of 69'?  Lady gaga and the likes wouldn't go too far with their songs even as they make (weird) style statements to gain attention.

Even Indian Pop music has lost its flavor over the years. As I grew up I loved listening to Lucky Ali, Shaan, KK, Sagarika, Colonial Cousins, Euphoria, Silk Route and even Baba Sehgal(yes you read it right! I wasn't a fan but we all remember 'aa ja meri gaadi mein baith ja' don't we?!). Later there were bands like Strings, Band of Boys, Viva, and I guess Asma was the last Indian pop Band that I remember listening to.

Today every song can be found on the internet, can be downloaded, played and later deleted from the memory(both the chip and the brain) but no one would ever know the joy of having a mix tape or CD that we had. I know I sound old when I say that but the fact remains that we have grown old we have lived in an age where music was more than simply words put together so that they may was more than lyrics filled with hatred, anger and abuse. It was one of its kind. The kind that gave the mixed tape its worth!


"On one occasion, my father even used one of the tapes as an alarm and played my favorite song to wake me up..." that is so sweet :)
and hey I love gaga :p hehee