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Yikes the clock is ticking!

I wish the version concept was applied to age too. So you could be like...25.1, 25. 2 and so on at least upto 25.5 (0.1 being a year here!)

I say so coz at this age when you have just begun to live the kind of life you want and discover it more people start to ask you questions about marriage. So when are you getting married?

With many close friends getting either engaged or married its a question that's unavoidable these days. I login to facebook and there I see 'what is your relationship status'. Facebook you too?! Spare me!

The thought still scares me. How can you quickly 'fall in love' with a person? 'Love' at first sight isn't a concept I believe in. Love is so much more than that. Its the thing that keeps people together after they've fought world wars and cold wars of married life. Its the thing that keeps them together when the beauty fades away and the attraction dies. Its the thing that remains after a relationship is pulled apart by sickness, pressures, temptations, desires, ego, anger. Real love is nothing like puppy love.

Anyway I could go on about it.  But the big question still remains unanswered.'So when are you getting married? '

Well...I'll park that question for now while I go and figure out what I need to do about my life.