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When life throws you lemons...

After relishing a mango and a self cooked meal I am almost on the verge of crashing on my bed. BUT I had been itching to write for quite some time and I am going to accomplish my task right now before I forget.

So this is not about mangoes, or about sleep(or the itch)

I have admired people who choose to do what they love doing and make a living out of it. People who do not work so much for the pay as they do for the work itself and are ready to take a risk to do what they love always inspire me. No job is perfect. We all have to struggle in different ways but when you know that your job involves doing that thing which you are passionate about , it gives you a reason to fight those battles that come in way.
At 26, I still wonder what is that one thing I am passionate about. The challenge is not just  to find out what I love to do but to stick to it in the long run and not lose interest in it.

I've just had probably the toughest phase of my work life. It still haunts me so much that I do not want to 'be there' again. Mistakes, messed up assignments, disappointments, misunderstandings, the list is endless.Isnt it tough when you've done your best and yet messed up everything! When nothing goes your way and you cannot explain why?!Tough.

God says 'My Grace is sufficient for You'. This was His way of teaching me some things I would never understand otherwise. I do not doubt His Grace. The question is 'Am I on the right track?'
I guess deep down I know 'the answer'(or maybe not)

Ok bye! Lemonade time!