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Ring any bells?

The other day I was standing inside a giant crystal with silver tokens flying all over. I was a contestant on Crystal Maze! It was around 8 am and I was still in bed. And of course I was dreaming.

Does anybody remember this interesting game show ? I so loved it!

For those of you who need some help recollecting check out the video.

The quiet one...

Are you the kind that loves to be around people who talk but when it comes to themselves they choose silence over speaking?
At a gathering the room is full of people talking, sharing their experiences and opinions. And all you do is look at them, nod along, laugh sometimes, mumble 'hmm..'...'yea..', 'seriously'... and then retreat and think 'what more do I say?'
In a quieter time you would think about all the things that you could have said but then wonder 'why didn't I say it?!'
The kind that always thinks 'How can people talk so much?!'
The kind that craves company, yearns to listen but talks only little?
The one with few words?
The quiet one?

Well...don't know about you but I am!

Pictures from my most favorite place :)