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The lone lunchers

The thought of having to eat alone at work makes me feel sick. Although I have come to terms with the thought(a little) and the actual situation itself, it still makes me feel like ditching lunch at times. And when it comes to food I am not too happy with anything that keeps me away from it.
I walk into the cafeteria with my lunchbox and trying to avoid people's gaze I finally manage to find an empty seat in a crowded cafeteria. By the time I get there someone else who was also eying the seat gets there first. So now, I have to start over with the seat hunting again. Immediately as I get the seat and sit all alone, I become the target of fellow employees attention. When you are eating alone people look at you sometimes with sympathy, sometimes mocking you, sometimes just by chance and sometimes for reasons known only to them.  My strategy at such times is to -Focus on finishing fast with minimal looking up (coz that would mean having to look at people  probably staring at you).  …

Aaji Aajoba and their home...

We took an ST bus in the afternoon and reached the place early morning at 6. There it was, the house with its ever welcoming vibe, with old roof tiles, rugged brick walls yet so beautiful. And there in the veranda stood two people waiting eagerly for us to arrive. Aaji and Aajoba(Grandma and Grandpa) used to wake up early(like any normal day in a village) and patiently wait to watch their children and grandchildren arrive home every summer.

The house was humble.There was nothing fancy about it. Everything in it little or much was sufficient for the simple life that aaji and aajoba lived.
But the place had a different aura about it. It was welcoming just as the hearts of the two people who created it.

My parents, my brother and I used to spend a good 2-3 weeks there. But it was never enough. The two weeks would pass by at jet speed and at the end of it we would be pleading with our parents to postpone our return tickets. But to no avail.

I cannot forget Aajoba's bespe…