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The lone lunchers

The thought of having to eat alone at work makes me feel sick. Although I have come to terms with the thought(a little) and the actual situation itself, it still makes me feel like ditching lunch at times. And when it comes to food I am not too happy with anything that keeps me away from it.

I walk into the cafeteria with my lunchbox and trying to avoid people's gaze I finally manage to find an empty seat in a crowded cafeteria. By the time I get there someone else who was also eying the seat gets there first. So now, I have to start over with the seat hunting again. Immediately as I get the seat and sit all alone, I become the target of fellow employees attention. When you are eating alone people look at you sometimes with sympathy, sometimes mocking you, sometimes just by chance and sometimes for reasons known only to them. 
My strategy at such times is to
-Focus on finishing fast with minimal looking up (coz that would mean having to look at people  probably staring at you). 
-Stare at empty spaces (Oh I see you Mr. invisible!)
-Check whatsapp (Somebody chat with me please!)
-Look around at people once in a while to look normal.

I can be so conscious of people around me.Arggh!

So on one such day I thought how great it would be to have 'a lone luncher's table' for the benefit of people like me who dont have company while eating. Why don't I have company you ask? Well...firstly I am new to the office I am reporting at. Secondly, people around me are either too old (who are too much into their work) or too young(who have their cool groups to hang out with). So I am somewhere between the young and the old, basically not their type! So any attempt at communicating with them is vain.
So now about this table/club. It would be nice to have a long table where people without company can sit, eat, socialize and make merry. And after all misery does love company, innit? These folks don't have to bother about being looked down upon by people or be the object of somebody's pity('Oh you poor lil thing eating all alone!'). They wont have to fight for a seat, they would have their own table. One could be relieved that he would have a loner's table for company(A lil ironic, dont you think?). And then there wouldn't be any obligations. It is not that you have to eat with the same people every day, you have a choice!
Fancy that!

I think I should put that in the cafeteria suggestion box. Or wait, may be not.


hahaa... my strategy is to skip lunch ;) I go an hour after lunch instead when the cafeteria is comparatively empty..atleast you don't have to hunt for a seat :p
Though personally I don't think people look down at you or pity you...people are usually too busy thinking about themselves ;)