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I am not used to the cold weather- I am a Mumbaikar!

Pune. The cultural capital of Maharashtra. It is a good city. I like it.

But when you live on the outskirts of the city with not much people around to hang out with and are buried under a pile of work always while working here, you cant help but crib about staying in the city.
The weather is pretty nice- cool and windy! The expressway and the city looks even better with the greenery around thanks to mr. monsoon. But you can have a hundred good things to say about Pune but the heart of a Mumbaikar is always in Mumbai.(and I am sure its the same for Pune-ites.)

Being born and brought up in Mumbai, I have even learned to love the heat of the city. So much so that the cool weather in Pune starts to prick me! And as much as I like working in Pune, I am just waiting to get back home soon!

Read this line somewhere, 'You can take a person out of Bombay, butyou cannot take the Bombay out of a person'. True that? :)

Now I know!

'Horn OK Please'

Sounds familiar? We all have come across this phrase ...well we all Indians have come across it. Every time I read this on a truck, in my head I said to myself , it is probably an alert for the vehicle riding behind a truck to sound a horn. However I always wondered why the OK? Why should it be Horn Ok Please?! Well, I finally googled and here is the reason for the 'OK'.

This is not supposed to be a serious post but it just struck me how people start a norm and then everyone follows it blindly without even knowing the reason behind it! Be it the case with beliefs, superstitions or something as funny as 'Horn OK Please'!