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Trippity trip...! ♥

I had to write today. Enough with the procrastination(can't believe the spell check didn't have to correct me with the spelling for once!)

I had super awesome vacation two weeks ago. It was my dream to visit Rajasthan and take me family along. And well, my dream was fulfilled! So wonderful was the trip that I didnt want to come back and even if I have, I guess I've returned only physically! My head is still floating somewhere in the Aravallis or may be at Mount Abu. Jaipur was so beautiful, reminded me of Bangalore - the wide(not so crowded) roads & also the weather. And Udaipur's City Palace just blew my mind! ♥

I waited for a whole 5 months for the trip, fought with my HR for my leave(she didn't approve after all, but I went anyway) & faced those 'you-shouldnt-go' situations that came my away. The trip had to be awesome. And it was worth it all! When I started off , I was praying 'God take care of the situation at work till I return' and He did! When I put away my worries and chose to live it up, it all fell in place(by His grace!) I had thought I would visit a few places, take a few pictures, eat, sleep and relax. But to my surprise I went on to become an extrovert(sort of) while we were touring. What I didn't expect was to make friends and meet such different kinds of people. And it was such a joy to know them!

The downside though to having a great vacation are the post vacation blues. People around me now keep hearing the likes of 'what kind of job am I doing!', 'I want to go back there*sobs*'. 'Oh the flower, reminded me of Rajasthan', 'Oh the sand reminded me of Rajasthan', 'oh the pictures, so beautiful they are'.  The hardest part for me has always been letting go of memories and people. You ask me why? Because a) I think a lot b) I just cannot digest the fact that this time in my life is never going to come back again and I might never meet ALL of the wonderful people I met on the tour again. That might sound so silly to some, but that's just me!

You give me memories and I will hold on to them like a crab!(to the end of my life, if I could). My clock starts to run backwards towards the past and then I miss out on the beautiful present! I am still recuperating from my vacation blues. But that just goes to say what an amazing time I had !

I have been...
* Hyappy yappy*
*Wondering where to go for my next vacation(God willing)*
*Practicing my guitar, sketching, writing*

A few glimpses from my trip...

Rajasthan - 26.11.14 - 02.12.14