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Get there faster, brainy!

I have realized that it takes longer for my brain to register some things that others would understand in an instant.

Sometimes I feel my brain is like a 512mb RAM! Imagine using a computer with that RAM size in an age of 16GB RAM. It's like living in stone age.

I know, not all brains run at the same speed but that's like a snail's speed. When it comes to vain thoughts, those run as 'High Priority applications' in my brain. That could probably the reason, why it leaves my brain too exhausted to grasp things faster. That's the logical conclusion I have come to.

But there are some things my brain is sharp about. It sometimes displays symptoms of a photographic memory. I can sometimes tell you the color of the clothes that you were wearing if we meet just once and for a brief time and even if it has been long. I remember names/surnames of people who may I have heard of from friends but may never have interacted with them much. There are some pictures/scenes that…