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I blamed myself for being careless. I started losing things & never bothered to find out where they could have gone. Actually, I did try to find out but I lost my mind in the process! I kept scratching my head, stressing my memory to remember where I kept my things. Gradually I lost many of my belongings...earrings, tops etc. When I was about travel back home I had my new suitcase ( a pretty blue colored one) packed with all my favorites - my perfect black T-shirt ( you know how it is hard to find a perfect t-shirt right?), a perfect pair of pink-grey sports shoes, a Next Jacket (the perfect one of course), a small bottle of perfume by Next that was a gift for a friend & other clothes. After reaching home, the usual unpacking of heaps of clothes collected over a year began. But little did I realize that some of the items were missing. Only 2 months later, I figured that most of belongings were gone! I had no clue who to blame! Who on earth could it be?!!

The curious case of l…