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I blamed myself for being careless. I started losing things & never bothered to find out where they could have gone. Actually, I did try to find out but I lost my mind in the process! I kept scratching my head, stressing my memory to remember where I kept my things. Gradually I lost many of my belongings...earrings, tops etc. When I was about travel back home I had my new suitcase ( a pretty blue colored one) packed with all my favorites - my perfect black T-shirt ( you know how it is hard to find a perfect t-shirt right?), a perfect pair of pink-grey sports shoes, a Next Jacket (the perfect one of course), a small bottle of perfume by Next that was a gift for a friend & other clothes. After reaching home, the usual unpacking of heaps of clothes collected over a year began. But little did I realize that some of the items were missing. Only 2 months later, I figured that most of belongings were gone! I had no clue who to blame! Who on earth could it be?!!

The curious case of losing my belongings began right at my rented apartment in UK where my flatmate & me where the only 2 tenants of a 2bhk apartment. We spent a year living together, traveled together & were inseparable. My mother called us sisters. You know how a sister always takes care of you. She cooked for me, invited me to all her office parties( 'Can I bring along my flatmate' she'd ask her colleagues excitedly), she was my nutritionist('cut down on carbs', 'Eat spinach, it has iron', she'd say), she was like my fitness trainer, we had an unbeatable rapport like the so-made-for-each-other-roomates. Think of your best(est) friend. You put every bit of your trust in them , don't ya? When things from your closet start missing & if the needle of suspicion turns towards this friend of yours, would you believe it?! No way hosay! I reacted no differently than this. Every time I spoke to my flatmate, I cried about losing my stuff & not having the slightest idea of where it went, who took it or why! She expressed surprise & then we drifted to a different topic that made me forget all my pain.

6 months passed & I saw my flatmate's picture on Instagram. I couldn't believe my eyes! Remember the pink grey sports shoes? No? Never mind. My flatmate was wearing them! And that was an in-your-face-proof of where all my stuff went. That wasn't the only proof though, I had other reasons to now believe that my friend took all of my stuff. And the only sensible explanation to why she could have taken it was Kleptomania. A word that was only a word faintly heard somewhere was now an earth-shattering experience. It freaked me out. Can you imagine living with a friend who has been taking your belongings. Imagine how clean the acts of a Kleptomaniac are when it does not cross your mind even once that some things in your room have been moved & put back in the same place. And you find out after a year that you were cheated on by a friend!

It hurt me. Does that I mean I shouldn't trust people? How can anyone do that? Does that mean all of the acts of kindness , all of the memories from the year gone by become null & void? Of course not. It was hard to accept but yes kleptomania is real.